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Competent - Factual - Sincere

The Independents - A breath of fresh air in the workers council

„The Independents“ is a new list running in the 2022 workers councils election. New but not unexperienced. Members on this list have been present in the workers councils for quite a few years, first of all in the so-called Corporate Center and then, since 2018, in the newly formed Central Functions. But we also have some rookies on our list too!


We consider this to be one of our assets, to be able to view issues from different angles (combining the new and the old) and thereby being able to offer a valuable contribution to the topic in question.

Our vision is to be part of a workers council where all opinions and ideas count, we don’t believe that a committee should be run like this: the chairperson dictates the decisions and expects everyone to nod acceptance – democratic discussions or any other views are undesirable!

In the next few months we’ll be providing you with more details: who are the people behind „The Independents“, their idea(l)s and more information on the upcoming workers council elections in Spring 2022.


Watch this space!

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